About Me

IMG_2809Hi and thanks for taking the time to visit the page.

like many I’m trying to carve myself a spot amongst those who can say the are successful traders. Currently I’m still an amateur putting in time where I can to make progress towards consistency and success.

Like many in the pursuit of trading success I have a day job and a family, for me that’s flying Rescue Helicopters and hanging out with my little girl, which I love.

I decided to start The Unlikely Trader because I wanted to document the journey from amateur to professional trader, professional in both approach and in results. For many years I had an interest in trading but a misplaced belief that trading was for a select, ultra intelligent few held me back believing I could make it work.

I wanted to prove to myself that it’s possible to overcome the beliefs, self doubt and under confidence that hold us back from achieving the things we set out to, and that it really is possible for “normal” people to achieve a consistent edge in the financial markets.