Video Fast Forward

I recently experimented with recording the market to watch back when I was unable to sit in front of the screen, the results were surprisingly helpful.

As happens many times to us all in life, a day where I planned to dedicate some time to trading didn’t quite go to plan, in these instances I have learned to just take a breath and accept that this is just life. I used to let it get to me and would get all worked up that I wasn’t going to be in the market that day, thankfully though this is now not the case and the day can still yield some good education.

I recently purchased BB Flashback recorder for my ThinkPad  I think it is an excellent recorder so far and have enjoyed using it, something I’ve tried before in Camtasia but found difficult to do smoothly is recording a lengthy session and fast forwarding the playback. Doing this in Flashback was simple and I tried it out for the first time on the 23rd Jan.

I recorded a good 8 hours of Order Flow, to get the video down I cut about 3 hours off this so was left with the meat of the day. I then compressed the time to end up with nearly a 2 minute synopsis of the day’s events. What was really useful was seeing how certain areas hold up multiple times and could therefore yield trading opportunities. This is something that when seen in real time with a small amount of experience can often pass you by. What is also cool is that with the original recording I can peg the time of certain moves and look back at the price action to see how I would be able to capitalise on the trade opportunity.

Time will tell whether this will actually boost my learning, but even in seeing the small synopsis I found it’s pretty insightful. I plan to do more of these in the future but if I’ll obviously be trying to get as much real time experience as possible.

It’s interesting how once you understand that so much of this game is experience based context your aspirations change. Recently deep down I was hoping to take trades and grow my account. I am under no illusions that the main focus is to preserve my trading capital however I was still subconsciously allowing myself to be hopefully of one sided returns. Now though all I want to do is build experience, pulling the trigger is no doubt a huge part of this, but I just want to capitalise on the actual act of being in front of the screen, building context and recognising market action, having the facility to do this in real time and in fast forward is a cool string to the bow.


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