“The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying”

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying is Marie Kondo’s wee book that packs a punch. How on earth could this help my trading I hear you ask? Read on and I’ll tell you in my first book review of 2017.

So I’m aiming to read 52 books this year, just a little challenge that I among many have set myself this year. I’ve tried for 100 and failed miserably the last few years so I thought I’d go for one a week and see how I get on. I’d planned to have the first one be an epic trading book that I could write a good blog post about, turns out the first is a book about tidying.

I bought this book for my wife for Christmas who has been after it for a while, she devoured it in two days which is very unlike her, in fact it’s been such a hit for her that she has been implementing its teachings immediately, the downside however is that in order to get on board I’ve had to read it too and I must say I’m glad I did.

I won’t go into too much detail on this review because to do so would basically be to re-hash the book but simply put to get aboard the KonMarie train you basically need to ditch everything in your house that doesn’t fill you with joy. Marie Kondo breaks down in simple terms why the clutter we cling on to in our homes is causing so much grief and how to go about getting rid of it in order to lead a clutter free, tidy and chirpy existence.

I wouldn’t say I was skeptical of the book before reading, in fact far from it as it sounded pretty obvious to me. I must say though that it’s a pretty compelling read. We have had a manic month, first our daughter turned one, then Christmas, then New Year, I was on duty throughout the period and we’ve had a host of issues around the house that have relegated trading to the back burner. I have managed to get some prep work done for the up coming No BS Day Trading Webinar I’m attending but other than that it’s been 100% day to day life for me. Reading this book and getting the house in shape has brought trading back to the front of my mind in a unexpected although pleasant surprise. Who’d have though, clear house, clear mind.

Since reading the book and implementing it’s teachings we have made a massive dent in the clutter in our house, that isn’t the real benefit however. What has been a real weight off the shoulders is the realisation of how much more we need to ditch. The psychology involved (much like that of trading once you start looking at it) is fascinating but both me and my wife have felt a renewed sense of positivity going into 2017 that has been motivationaly speaking so much more worthwhile than any standard shit list of new years resolutions.

I didn’t even bother with resolutions this year, the same things are still on the list mind you, get fit in mind and body, get trading, be a good person yada yada. It’s so easy to get sucked into the industry that positive thinking seems to have become. The “Take Massive Action” brigade were out in full force on youtube and facebook over the festive period and while I’m not knocking them, I find it a bit much these days. I know what action I need to take to achieve the things I’m after and so for me this book on tidying was an unexpected treat.

I know that if I am going to do well in the markets in 2017 I need to make sure all my admin and baggage are sorted so that they aren’t a distraction. Going hand in hand with that is the fact that as much as we love it our house is a massive drain on our emotional and mental resources. Being able to sort through everything, ditch things that we have been holding onto for far too long and lift ourselves out of the fog that living with a one year old in a small house can be has been a real breath of fresh air.

So while it has nothing to do with trading, Marie Kondo is a genius and I thank her for her book, the house has a great feel to it now we have started doing what she advises and thats a darn sight more bang for buck than last years audiobooks on positive thinking ever were. So to Marie I say ありがとうございますand to the rest of you I say have a fabulous 2017, stay tuned for more book reviews and heres to all that we can achieve.



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